Use toys

Use toys Lay a diaper on sand that it did not get to the kid to eyes and a mouth.

Use toys to teach the child to keep balance.

Having tempted with a toy, he stretches to it hands and forgets that they are necessary to it to support balance.

As a result he learns to use better for this purpose trunk muscles.

If the kid continues to sit, leaning on hands, put before it cubes that them to take, it should release hands.

Bring to the child a favourite toy, and then move it that to one, in other party to force the kid to reach for it hands, keeping a sitting position.

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EradicateDo not wash up at it a bone it to companions, teachers, acquaintances, especially do not discuss their parents.

Look for in each of them something good, try to find a justification to shortcomings.

So you teach your child to be sincere and fair, to have the opinion and not to act rashly.

Eradicate indifference, bring up compassion.

Feed a dog or a kitten, console the child crying on the street.

Learn the child to sympathize with another's grief, not to laugh at sorrows of others, tell that any person can get to unpleasant situation.

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Here such

Here such As you can see, methods can be the most different, but each of them works.

You know the child better than others, therefore to you and to decide what to use for development at the child of skill of independent readin awakening of interest to the book.

Here such letter was sent by one mother of the boy to the psychologist One year prior to school we sent the child to a preparatory class of lyceum.

Towe were not able to read a preparatory class.

And we began to study.

Probably, I bent a stick, but result following the child refuses to read in general, only through scandal! Besides, he refuses even to listen to that read to it.

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See on page

See on pageSee on page of details about the safe equipment attached a shelter .

CHILD, TOO NOISY AT NIGHT We tried to sleep together with the kid, but it too noisy, and we postoyanno hear it.

He sleeps perfectly, and I do not.

And the husband wakes up each time when the son begins .

If we separately sleep, it will not damage to it Time you aspire to dividing with the kid a dream, means, you for botlivy parents and, seemingly, your child will not feel restrained even if you will separately sleep.

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Sandwiches puddings

Sandwiches puddings Sandwiches puddings soups are difficult for holding Sandwiches at the table, there are molars sauces pastes and Pasto eats others often and gradually Chews food figurative products, dishes from smemezhdukormleniye, receives a Disorder food of shanny products Understands communication a nickname of vorobyshka Independently eats with a spoon, between a form of a product and its Use of a tray with almost does not spill the name avocado boats, cells for vorobyshka Is able to express the desires cheese cubes, castors of the boiled Weans from a small bottle at a table everythin still carrots, a broccoli branch, Uses a spoon and a fork does not want to sit at a table, from processed cheese and macaroni parents a lot of product of a various form of an invention and the imagination is required to draw of it attention to food First spoon We advise as first spoon of the child to use an own finger.

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