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Use toys

Lay a diaper on sand that it did not get to the kid to eyes and a mouth.Use toys to teach the child to keep balance.Having tempted with a toy, he stretches to it hands and forgets that they are necessary to it to support balance.As a result he learns to use better for this purpose trunk muscles.If the kid continues to sit, leaning on hands, put before it cubes that them to take, it should release hands.Bring to the child a favourite toy, and then move it that to one, in other party to force the kid to reach for it hands, keeping a sitting position.


Do not wash up at it a bone it to companions, teachers, acquaintances, especially do not discuss their parents.Look for in each of them something good, try to find a justification to shortcomings.So you teach your child to be sincere and fair, to have the opinion and not to act rashly.Eradicate indifference, bring up compassion.Feed a dog or a kitten, console the child crying on the street.Learn the child to sympathize with another's grief, not to laugh at sorrows of others, tell that any person can get to unpleasant situation.

Here such

As you can see, methods can be the most different, but each of them works.You know the child better than others, therefore to you and to decide what to use for development at the child of skill of independent readin awakening of interest to the book.Here such letter was sent by one mother of the boy to the psychologist One year prior to school we sent the child to a preparatory class of lyceum.Towe were not able to read a preparatory class.And we began to study.Probably, I bent a stick, but result following the child refuses to read in general, only through scandal! Besides, he refuses even to listen to that read to it.

See on page

See on page of details about the safe equipment attached a shelter .CHILD, TOO NOISY AT NIGHT We tried to sleep together with the kid, but it too noisy, and we postoyanno hear it.He sleeps perfectly, and I do not.And the husband wakes up each time when the son begins .If we separately sleep, it will not damage to it Time you aspire to dividing with the kid a dream, means, you for botlivy parents and, seemingly, your child will not feel restrained even if you will separately sleep.

Sandwiches puddings

Sandwiches puddings soups are difficult for holding Sandwiches at the table, there are molars sauces pastes and Pasto eats others often and gradually Chews food figurative products, dishes from smemezhdukormleniye, receives a Disorder food of shanny products Understands communication a nickname of vorobyshka Independently eats with a spoon, between a form of a product and its Use of a tray with almost does not spill the name avocado boats, cells for vorobyshka Is able to express the desires cheese cubes, castors of the boiled Weans from a small bottle at a table everythin still carrots, a broccoli branch, Uses a spoon and a fork does not want to sit at a table, from processed cheese and macaroni parents a lot of product of a various form of an invention and the imagination is required to draw of it attention to food First spoon We advise as first spoon of the child to use an own finger.

Mother earns

And told!.And in some years its evil eyes at the story were shone with indignation.I expelled her, she told, and told to this woman Katya you are not able with the child do not go here.And two years it did not go to me.Further it is more.Mother earns very little, sit almost on one potato.And so, she asked the son to help every day it when she peels potatoes that to esteem it.Then, she explained to the son, handles hurt less.The son willingly agreed.

During the whole

in cardboard packs on g.From import substitutes of chest milk for children of the first months of life it is possible to recommend Frisolak of German firm Frieslandnutrition , Enfamil American firm Mead Johnson, , Gallium , Hipp , Nutrilon of firm Nutricia.During the whole first year it is possible to use such mixes, as Semilak with iron; Nutrilon ; NAN, NAN sourmilk, Nestozhen, Piltti of firm Nestle; Enfalak, Enfamil ; Frisomel and German firm Friesland nutrition; the Check and about Chymos, Finland; Hipp , Hipp PRE Austria, SMA, May Eldorin's fight, Tutteli and others.The short characteristic of some mixes, and in appendix tables and average structure of a number of domestic and import dairy mixes below is presented.

Small hillocks

Also mass nipples after feeding to improve circulation.At massage it is best of all to use colostrum or chest milk.Small hillocks on a surface of an okolososkovy circle pieces of iron which allocate the disinfecting and softening fat protecting nipples and clearing them.Therefore avoid to wash nipples with soap as it deletes this natural greasin dries up skin and leads to its cracking.First aid for nipples.At women with dry skin of a dummy can tres and at the correct sosaniye.Do not use oils or ointments which need to be washed away before feeding even if in hospital to you them offer.Try , pure, not containing the pesticides, lanolin not causing an allergy if chest milk when massaging does not help against the formed cracks.

And not to tire

You let out the genie from a bottle.And not to tire out it back.Now try show the child to the doctor when he fell ill, try to give to it though one injection, try to invite the militiaman on a visit.And to an explanation give rise pour that the doctor kind, and the uncle militiaman the acquaintance, any more does not help.In years an effective push of development of all scale of fears the child, as a rule, has a receipt its its Majesty the Child!.for the first time in kindergarten.Therefore to prepare for a garden bypass beforehand.The kid grows, the palette of fears changes.All luggage of the endured is used.

Besides these

Usually kids with a high intelligence say lies less often, is thinner and it is cleverer than the contemporaries.There are data that aggressive, uncontrollable children in , times lie more often, than the others.Besides these children into group of risk should enter and children with heavy social adaptation, and children, I live shchy in incomplete or dysfunctional families.As though the kid honest looked you in the face when he lies, language of its telodvizheniye involuntarily betrays it, a cart affecting your intuition.

Here some

It does not mean that you should go on the house on tiptoe when the child sleeps; on the contrary, some familiar sounds can help to fall asleep, lull to it it see.Sounds and dream of the child, page The hidden reasons connected with a state of health The majority of children, having ached, wake up more often though some isuse revitalizing effect of a dream and better sleep during an illness.Here some most frequent reasons of awakening of the child, if he feels unwell.Cold.

Remember, your

If your child does not play with group of contemporaries because it an idol of a family, considering that other children are not able as it is good to play, as it that you try to inspire every day to it, having artificially overestimated his selfimage, you went too far, and is uniform stvenno, than you will manage to help the child, is to return it in a circle of contemporaries.Remember, your ban to play is comparable with a pas sword .You them deprive the childhood childhood.And if your kid did not finish, it will finish and in the senior , and sometimes the whole life, but will very seldom manage to become equal among equal.

So also

Calm down, it is not necessary a fever.Unless you saw somewhere the pupil of elementary or high school who would use diapers No.Therefore, and your child will learn them to use independently, and you as loving parents, should help it with it, having created the positive atmosphere.Schooling to a pot is a process which proceeds approximately so two steps forward,step back.so also to you, and your kid it will be simpler, if you go this way without haste and fight.It is necessary to choose a pot correctly.It should not be similar to a toy, differently the child, sitting down on it, will forget about his direct appointment and will distract on game.


Irrespective of number of food intakes, hours of feedings should more or less constant, deviations from established time should not exceed minutes.Reception of any highcalorie food is inadmissible.especially sweets, between feedings though apple or other fruit will not damage.For healthy nutrition of children the great value has observance of daily and single volume of food which should correspond strictly to age of the child, a condition of its development and health see.Appendix.Large volumes even in separate food intakes can stretch a wall a.zheludka promote i to quantitative need for food that not always corresponds to original needs of the child for food.

Today it tried

Order the reason of lie remained the unknown, do not attack the kid.Be not irritated, do not think out ways of punishment, it not the criminal, it only navsy the child, still helpless, still inexperienced, yet not knowing how to keep in this world how to sustain, how to resist.So all the time something about the buyushchy.Today it tried that the lie means.Therefore it is not necessary to become angry about it, and explain to him better that follows lie.And why honesty is necessary.The kid should understand, in what was not right.

Not children

Your nipples will not suffer from frequent feeding if you feed in the correct pose and correctly will give to the child a breast.Do not follow adviceBegin from minutes from each breast and gradually increase time sosaa niya for minute with each feedin yet will not finish it till minutes from each breast.On it also stop.Not children write these strict rules and not the skilled mothers many times nursing.Often at beginning mother the feeling of stay of milk appears in minutes after the sosaniye beginning.

Lift these

Legs are usually strongly turned in, a foot are turned inside.As within many months of a stone were in the bent situation, will pass some more months before they will be straightened you can promote it, let's sleep the kid in the provision of a fruit with the drawnin handles and legs page cm If the baby persistently keeps this situation, dress to it romper suit with the nosochka sewed together is will not allow the child to sleep with the legs tightened under.When it is possible not to worry.Lift these precious a foot and rass them.In norm the forward part of a foot should be slightly bent.

At once as soon

force itself is, when it would not be desirable.Eaten with appetite gets accustomed in a stomach better.Avoid some foodstuff and smells from which you stirs up.I peep to taste.Pregnancy an opportunity to indulge itself with fruit, berries, greens.Grapefruits stop nausea at the majority of women.You would like kislenky Taste the apples, the wellknown antonovka.It contains acids which clear blood, release an organism from superfluous and harmful products of an exchange and by that eliminate the toxicosis phenomena.at once as soon as will feel hunger.If the stomach empty, it can make sick, as gastric acid does not know what to digest.

Not to do it only

All the time not to worry over each step of the kid and not that to drink the child in a high water of the feelings to it.Not to limit its freedom and the.Not to cultivate its dependence on you and not to entangle it the kid, as a web.Not to expose all for show excessive attachment to a benka and it not to captivate him.Not to force the child to justify in every way it is rested ny hopes of it.To learn to overcome quietly any vital difficulties and not to look for for the kid of special privileges.Not to do it only by the consumer.All the time to impart to the child skills of tolerance and the niya of other people.

After the delivery

Extensions at pregnancy are visible on mammary glands, lateral surfaces of a stomach and hips more often.After the delivery they remain, but turn pale and cease to be allocated on skin.Extensions is first of all cosmetic defect, instead of a disease therefore for health they do not represent threat.What reasons of emergence of extensionsMany experts argue that predisposition to extensions is handed down, therefore if at their your mother was not, probably, they will not be and at you.Injury of skin socalled extensions as a result of increase in volume of a uterus Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONdepends, of course, on growth rates of a stomach, but mostly their emergence is defined by features of skin of the woman.

Gauze edges

Forcemeat to shift on the gauze moistened with cold water, to level a layer , cm, from above to put i on pair from eggs and milk an omelette.Gauze edges with EAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILD so that edges of roll came one for another.Roll to transfer on a lattice of a steam pan and to cook to readiness about r.For roll meat bread white milk ml, eggs j piece.For an omelette eggs piece, milk ml.MEATBALLS MEAT IN THE DAIRY SWEPTAWAY SAUCE From kotletny weight to create meatballs in weight on slightly to fry them in butter, to shift in a superficial pan and to fill in with the dairy sweptaway sauce.To cover a pan and to extinguish on weak fire of minutes.

Lying on a stomach, they

Very active kids who adore to cave in, representing something like the bridge, will start to turn over soon.Lying on a stomach, they can, shaking the head here and there, is unexpected even for itself to turn over on a back.Dreamers prefer to lie and examine the surrounding.They are less often rolled from a side sideways and consequently it is improbable that will start to turn over earlier, than in months.The majority of children at month's age turn over from a stomach sideways and from a side sideways.

For many

You can develop a positive look.Small angels Calm downThe majority of the parents addressing in the program Small angels, there were side pases because of behavior of the children.In their families a lot of shout crying was frequent, and the relations were tense.Howled obviously that all family appeared zalozhntsy destructive schemes of behavior.that obviously disturbed all members of the family.Really, many people shout at the children.For many of us it can be simply automatic reaction, especially if at you shouted in the childhood.But not the best way of actions or not the best way to achieve that your children obeyed which both parties often upset and results it in nervousness that is absolutely not necessary.

In a sitting

Turning the head here and there, it starts to investigate world around.New game.Overturn the child on a back the majority of children at this age cannot independently turn over yet, holding it both hands, slowly transfer to a sitting position.The head and a trunk will rise at the same time while the last weeks movements of the head lagged behind.In a sitting position the head of the kid is not shaken, as before, and becomes steady.Certainly, if not to help it and not to support the head, it will quickly be inclined, but the child can return it to controllable vertical situation again.

These spots

Then wait that you should change at least made of cloth disposable diapers in day.What if urine will appear a reddish shade In the first week it is often possible to see some orange or reddish spots which will disturb you because are similar to blood.These spots leave , the substances containing in urine of newborns; they do not represent any danger.First changes The deformed foot.Foot and a foot of the newborn keep partly that situation, in kotorum they were in a womb of mother.

And still

Adjust itself on feeding by a breast.Linda, one of our patients, admitted I think, mind I understood need to nurse, but emotionally was not ready.It realized that chest milk the best food for her child, but did not know, tiresome feeding within the first several weeks when everything that the child wants will be what is to suck.And still Linda told If though somebody told to me that in some weeks feeding becomes less tiresome and will start to bring more pleasure.Visit meetings of local office of League of feeding mothers or Wad Dra gy groups of support of feeding mothers.

Take in hands

I regretted more than once that I have this child.Because of the child I lost very many that pleased me in life.My child is worse, than other children.My child for me a burden.You tested the child on various scales.You new opened something for yourselves.Reflected on it.Please, again sit down for a minute.Take in hands Pencil also specify once again as you after all bring up the child.Questionnaire for parents Types of education of children Dear parent! In an offered questionnaire you children a number of various statements, opinions, even revelations about those types of education of children which we described above.

In ensuring

Do not hope for a fluffy teddy bear or plastic toys with which you would like to cajole the child, taking away it from a breast.Children not the such.When child start to separate from a cozy mother's breast, it is necessary to replace chest feeding by other forms of the feeding connected with pleasant emotions.In ensuring comfort for the child other person starts to play a big role, ideally it is the father.Wean gradually It is necessary to wean so that the child did not feel I will leave ty.The sharp excommunication from a mother's breast and in general from mother can cause at once too big stress, which child cannot take out.

If your

Try an enema.If your child has a strong lock and to it helps nothin give an enema to it.The children's enema is on sale without the recipe.Other effective remedy in battle with a lock is liquid glitse the Baby the Varnish which carefully enter into a rectum of the child by means of a pipette.By all means continue to try different new types of food and naturalny laxatives that the child had no dependence on candles or an other depletive.Fortunately, as soon as the wise organism of the child will learn to select food suitable for intestines and more quickly to react to intestines signals, this unpleasant problem will depart in the past.

Then apples

Onions a broth ml, butter a flour r.sour cream g.SAUCE FRUIT FROM FRESH APPLESThe cleared apples cut by segments to lower in boiling water.to add sugar and to cook to softness.Then apples to wipe through a sieve.to finish mashed potatoes to boiling and to pour in in it the potato starch dissolved in cold boiled water, again to finish to boiling.Apples water ml, sugar starch g.SAUCE FROM DRIED FRUITDried fruit to touch, , to fill in with boiling water and to leave for swelling in the closed ware at o'clock.Then to weld in the same water, broth to filter, fruit to wipe through a sieve, to connect to broth, to boil, pour in the potato starch dissolved in cold boiled water and to finish to boiling.

If you still

Plant the child to itself on knees and put the cartridge with quiet music or sing to it a lullaby, esteem or look at a children's telecast.If you still nurse, offer the kid this powerful demulcent see discussion of the ways, helping to calm the hospitalized child, page Humidity promotes disclosure of respiratory ways of the child.Close a bathroom door, start up a hot shower or water from the crane and sit with the child on a floor or plant it in a corner and esteem to it.Put the kid the head to itself on knees or on a pillow.

Martha should

Only at the age of about two weeks Steve opened eyes and became more susceptible to chest feeding.Before Martha of that only did not think out, that it took a breast.It was very difficult time for us as we were afraid that chest feeding will never be adjusted properly.Martha should show each time an initiative at the beginning of feeding.All our other children were exacting eaters.But if we waited, while Steve will start to ask food, it in general would not add in weight.It never would like to eat.Within the next two weeks Martha pumped out milk several times a day and by means of a syringe and a finger fed to Stephen about ml prior to the beginning of feeding for training.

Move dangerous

Replacement on a game course.Having noticed that hands of the child reach for a lamp cord, you is instant, almost are reflex ready to say is not present!, but if you rather skilled parent, you, operating with an advancin manage to switch attention of the child to something safer Mary, look that here in a box.Mary turns around to a box in which it is waited by any surprise, and thus the lamp is rescued.Move dangerous subjects higher.Instead of it is constant you make look fat a role of the security guard and to repeat infinitely warning no, it is better to rearrange simply all fighting subjects higher and to leave them there for years.

The checked

Children having an allergy to proteins, containing in mixes on cow milk, can transfer better these mixes, but they are more expensive.The checked mixes which really almost are not causing an allergy Nutramigen, Pregestimil, Alimentum, very expensive, they are more expensive in times, than usual.One more their shortcoming in some of them there is no lactose a source of carbohydrates and fillers a corn syrup and modified corn starch.How to choose a suitable mix In the first months you can try different mixes before vybeto Rita that which will be pleasant to the child more and will be caused by less frustration.

The adaptation

Here it that! After all it is wanted by all mothers to benefit the child and to facilitate to itself life.The adaptation for carrying of the child a peculiar religature the socalled scrappy holder should become for you one of irreplaceable subjects of leaving Without it you do not want to leave a fabric from the house It does not mean that you should drag the kid with yourselves all the time, but your internal installations absolutely change the Majority of people mentally see children quietly lying in cots and looking at the suspended toys.Them take out to feed, swaddle, a few to play with them, and then again place on a former place, in habitual, according to many, habitat Carrying of the child changes all picture all concept of communication.

It would

Fathers test confusion, being torn off from a family owing to labor obligations, financial pressure and a lack of experience of education of children.Mothers know that in the absence of the father the excessive female care negatively influences character of sons.But how can release mother the boy if there is nobody to whom it could subcontract it I would like to send the boy in army.It would help it to be created! The boy does not respect me, the things and the mother.It will not be accepted to work if I every minute do not push him.

But so does

They want to receive good result at once and forever.But so does not happen.Roditelstvo, education is a laborious longterm work where efforts are required, persistence, everyday work, movement step by step more often a step forward, two back, etc.But, as tell ancient proverbs, the road will master going and the road to one thousand miles begins with the first step.In education of teenagers it is possible to overcome arising difficulties, but not one day and at all month, and long work, cooperation with the child, instead of opposition for this purpose is required.

If you are alarmed, and the child

In this case any intervention is not necessary and it is potentially dangerous.You need to calm the kid.Everything is all right, do not worry, tell to it a steady voice, and it will support the kid.Remember, for the child you some kind of indicator showin whether there is a reason for excitements.If you are alarmed, and the child starts to panic.If you glanced in a mouth to the kid, but did not see at it in a throat a foreign matter, do not try to pull out this subject blindly your efforts it can appear in a throat even more deeply.When it is necessary to interfere Your intervention is necessary, if the child has the following symptoms, testifying that his respiratory ways are blocked the child chokes or his skin becomes blue the child in a faint and you suspect that it choked the type of the kid as if speaks I choked widely opened eyes with expression in them of the panic, an open mouth, salivation more senior children clasp a throat hands a universal sign of asthma The child swallowed any subject To drag subjects in a mouth usually business for the child and an occasion for postoyanny excitements of parents.

Adjust it on major

And only loserdy and relatives, and also all others who surrounds the kid, the miracle is capable to make parents.Especially when the child direct on treatment in hospital.Not the lady forge because of it in the presence of the patient and do not give a sign that it disturbs you.Serve its purpose, as though you the deserved actor.Adjust it on major tone reyshy recovery in hospital.Approximately tell to the child about all good and bad that can be in a hospital, and explain, why it is necessary for it to lay down there.Try to prepare the kid for treatment in hospital and to make everything from you depending that he easily and quickly adapted k'ny, without an additional stress which only makes heavier a disease of the child.

The mucous

feHe try to suppress it, but also do not tire itself out, after all you still need many forces! Otkhozhdeniye of a mucous stopper from a uterus neck.There is it, as a rule, one week prior to event.The mucous stopper is similar on semidissolved jelly and can be different color from white or transparent to yellowish and brownish or rosered.If in it there is no scarlet blood, means, childbirth will begin within a week.If live blood proveins or droplets, process are visible or already began, orwill occur within the next days, at most two.


Tracey needed to learn to be operated a situation, accurately speaking to them not to escape and specifying time when they should come back.During the first walks it used oversleeves leads to let to triplets know that if they will not keep about it, they will go on a lead.Triplets quickly learned to come back, when them about volume asked, and Tracey felt more quietly and could supervise a situation.As soon as it began a thicket to go with children on the street, her confidence of the forces grew, and children began to receive more physical activity.Tracey's possibilities also increased, as they could do more things together, as a family.Rule if doubt, go with them to walk.

Let's try to imagine, as the adjusting

Having decided to carry the kid in hold hardly on itself, parents, making use of experience of a prenatal vynashivaniye, as though create artificial system which directs its further development to the necessary course and helps to eliminate the arisen deviations.Let's try to imagine, as the adjusting system works.For example, the rhythm of walking of mother, embodied in mine at the child at prenatal life, a rhythm to which he so got used in months, appears again now when it is in this peculiar to an external womb that affects the kid soothingly.

If it does

And the child peacefully, without excitements passes this dangerous moment and comes back to a deep sleep.If he also wakes up, sometimes can independently fall asleep, when you nearby.If it does not occur, familiar procedure for example, within several minutes will return feeding the child in a deep sleep, without having given troubles to the one who else sleeps with you.Mothers too sleep better.Mothers who divide a dream with the kid, ut that feel next day had more a rest, though they and should wake up sometimes to calm the child.

Lemon piece, water

Having removed from fire, to pour in lemon juice, to filter, pour in formochka, to cool.Lemon piece, water ml, sugar gelatin g..ZAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILDJELLY LEMON ON KSILITALemon dried peel to boil, add , the soaked gelatin to finish to boiling.Then liquid to filter, pour in lemon juice, to pour in formochka and to cool.Lemon pieces, water ml, gelatin g.JELLY THE DAIRYMilk to boil, add sugar, vanillin and previously the presoaked gelatin, to finish to boiling.To pour in formochka, to cool.Milk sugar gelatin g.JELLY FRUIT BERRYr berries to crush, wring out juice.A residue to fill in with water, to boil, filter, add sugar and the soaked gelatin, stirring slowly, to finish to boiling.

By means of this

But at the same time with essential changes to the best on a scene there were two villains who have rejected a rodorazresheniye back in the operational.In the early seventies there was an electronic equipment for control vnuta riutrobny condition.By means of this equipment it is supposed to watch, whether there is no threat for life of the child, and to prevent it.But use of this equipment created that problem for which decision it intended though in some cases it benefited and saved not one life.That the equipment could issue more exact information, to women in labor suggested to lie quietly and is worse than that in situation on a back.

Rocking. Having

This burden

And besides heavy burden.This burden start up mother bears.Wanted itself, whims, a baby talk are unpleasant to it.And at the mozhnost first a cart this type of the father turns into the coming father.And it is necessary to the child always, constantly.The kind good fellow, Regular guy.At first sight it seems that the child with the father was lucky.This father not simply is a father, and it at once to it both as the brother, and as the friend.With it it is always interestin easy, very cheerful.

The Atsaptirovanny

The Atsaptirovanny r substitute of Nenni milk made on the basis of goat milk, it is recommended to use in the following cases for a food of healthy children in case of impossibility, a mezhelatelnost or insufficiency of r of feeding; for feeding of premature children; at intolerance and or allergies to proteins of cow milk or a soya; EN CYCLE OPEA IYa PI TANI I am REB ENKA for prevention of various food allergy, diathesis, eczema; for prevention of zhelezodefitsitny anemia; at digestion violations dysbacteriosis, intestinal colic, a srygivaniye syndrome, diarrhea; for prevention and treatment of the asthmatic phenomena.

If child

Do not turn a compliment into a moral, it you add a negative shade in initially positive thought.If child not leader.Parents should not try to realize the unfulfilled dreams in the child, to project on the child own expectations.The child should go the own way and choose it independently.Each person in the childhood chooses that for it it is more important.Parents should trust in the child, develop in it those qualities which are put in it by nature, to help it to be improved, learn new, to help it to develop moral values, to support and encourage during the difficult moment.

Residue to fill

KISSEL ON DOGROSE BROTHBroth of a dogrose to finish to boilin to add sugar, lemon acid, to pour in, continuously stirring slowly, the starch dissolved with cold boiled water, again to finish to boiling and to remove from fire.Dogrose broth ml, water ml, sugar starch potato g.KISSEL APPLEApples to douse boiled water, to rub on a small grater, to wring out juice.Residue to fill in with hot water and to boil minutes.Then broth to filter, a part it to cool and in it to dissolve starch.In other broth to put sugar, to boil, pour in, stirring slowly, the dissolved starch to finish to boiling.

Put the kid on a big beach

The length of strings should not exceed inches cm.Make safe klubothe check, having connected on the center about dozeninch strings.New pose.Plant the kid closely to a sofa back.In such polozhescientific research institute it can spend minutes, looking back around and enjoying a new pose and a new point of the review.Ball games.Put the kid on a big beach ball and slowly a feather it.It will help to develop sense of equilibrium at the child.Hideandseek.It is old, but favourite game.Serially hide the person from the kid and again open, sentencing Where mother Here it I! Pulldrag.

Alev and Somsr. quickly

To think

Then to what all this sensation concerning stay of children in a bed of parentsAnthropologists confirm that there to them the place.With it many authors of books on medicine and psychology are not agree, kotothe ry reject the representations arisen together with appearance of the person and checked by time, and in it their serious mistake.To think that this most ancient tradition can be unnatural, ridiculously.Actually the general dream is in one sheaf with feeding by a breast.In and feeding by a breast considered wrong.

It is more

Side it is impossible it is possible.Give to the kid enough open space that he felt, where edge for which it is impossible to come.It is more than that, give it chance to glance for this edge.If you hold the child on too a short lead, he never learns fully the possibilities and will not test that such failure.Instead of, for example, forbidding the kid to clamber up, it is better to create to it such conditions that these exercises were safe.The surrounding situation should consider presence of the child.Your function of distsiplinator is similar to work of patrol which a jota for an instant should advance quick small hands.

That is why all so are afraid

It is important to teenager to know that it is necessary such what it is.It is less than ban! Freedom is responsibility.That is why all so are afraid of it.B.Shaw The more often the child hears it is impossible, no, do not touch, the quicker he learns to ignore your ban, that a high probability that he soon will begin to revolt against the established rules.Reconsider rules and allocate from them what should be observed strictly.That precisely cannot be done It is impossible to fight, be spat, be burned, to swear, ignore your instructions.

N diet. ! depending

And even your

He is a boy, and the girl is necessary to the father.And even your violent feedings the reason of this pathological habit, especially when parents are at war with the kid, both push, and pour in in it that is necessary and it is not necessary, only causing disgust for food.Its Majesty Child!.Remember, when the child does not test pleasure from food, one of the most sensitive zones of an organism is switched off.And this zone mucous lips and a mouth though it is reflex, but is connected with other sensitive zone genitalny.And if the zone of a mouth is silent, the zone of genitals a cart , and it disturbs the kid.

Before giving

Potatoes milk ml, eggs pieces, sauce swept away butter crackers sour cream g.BAKED PUDDING CARROT WITH COTTAGE CHEESEThe cleared carrots to chop straws, with oil, to pour the sifted semolina and to cook to readiness, then to cool, add the crude eg the wiped cottage cheese and sugar.A mix to mix, m on a frying pan oiled, to level a surface, to grease with sour cream, oil and to bake in an oven.Before giving on a table to water with the kindled butter.Carrots cottage cheese eggs j piece, grain semolina butter sour cream sugar g.BAKED PUDDING PUMPKINThe sliced cleared pumpkin to extinguish in milk to semireadiness, then m, stirring slowly, semolina and to cook on weak fire of minutes.

Various doubts

Some young women, having become pregnant, miss leaving carefree life.Various doubts can torment them whether I will be interesting to the friends in new quality, whether my figure will deteriorate, whether really the husband rejoices to future child, whether I can work, as before after the kid will grow up.The organism reacts to similar experiences by alarm reaction.At physiological level alarm as well as fear, the accelerated palpitation, an elevated pressure, a potootdeleniye, spasms in a stomach accompany.All these manifestations speak about readiness of an organism to resist to approaching danger.

The touched

Submitting on a table, to fill soup with butter.Cabbage potatoes carrots onions and a parsley root on tomatoes fresh a broth meat ml, butter g.SOUP OAT PEARLBARLEY, RICE WITH VEGETABLES ON THE MEAT BROTH THE WIPEDIts r as well as soup from oat flakes Oatflakes with the wiped vegetables on a meat broth.The touched and prompy grain to cook in a small amount of water to softness then to wipe through a sieve.The wiped vegetables to connect to grain and a broth, some minutes to boil, salt and fill with oil.SOUP PEARLBARLEY OAT, RICE, YACHNEVY ON MEAT It prepare the same as the soup described above from oat flakes Oatflakes on a meat broth.

It is given

Digest life of the child and take a detached view of it, his eyes and from his positions.Understand the child.It is given all with big rub the house.After all even requests of the kid, reminding wipe the childhood, a peculiar recognition is defective the child.Any request opens to us target and Achilles' heel of an instant.Once again calm down and relax.You not the judge, not is subject to you a sentence.Not repent zealously so process of management by the child and do not enter with it fruitless debate.

And nevertheless

Imagine a chicken who was not hatching yet from egg.As it is safe to it there.And nevertheless though but, but it destroys a shell to get out outside.Otherwise he simply would choke under it.Our guardianship for the child the same shell.To it it is warm, it is cozy and safe to it to be under it.During any instant it is necessary for it.But our kid grows, changing from within, and term when he understands that a shell to growth suddenly comes.Let growth painful.and nevertheless the child not so instinctively, and meaningly breaks shell to test vicissitudes of life, to learn unknown, to experience the novel.

Milk proteins

KA to Supporters of nonconventional concepts of a food carry, milk to a product which should be used only for a food of children of early age, just as it becomes when feeding cubs of animals.However, in our opinion, cow milk can be used in a food of adults, and in particular feeding mothers.As contraindication for use of milk its intolerance can serve only.Milk proteins on equation of amino acids and comprehensibility belong to most biologically valuable.Milk should be drunk separately from other food and small drinks, far away detaining in a mouth as milk, getting to a stomach, under the influence of sour contents it is curtailed and , enveloping particles of other food and isolating it from gastric juice.

Bad habits

The child learns to skate, masters skis and if was not able still, and swimming.Perfectly knowing the hands, right and left, he is not able to distinguish them at others that sometimes disturbs it accurately you make look fat sports tasks.By six years the kid already practically masters pain a shinstvo of skills necessary for it and improves them directly in the face of.It is accurate, carefully watches for to them a look, a hairdress, footwear, clothes.Serves itself and helps at home on an economy.Usually at this age initial results of education are already visible.Bad habits of good children.It is fine, if they positive.

Or perhaps

Remember, education is not a battlefield.And, having become give rise tel, first of all it is necessary for you to know that in early its Majesty the Child!.age one of the main ways of knowledge of the world aching imitation, the child also imitates adults.You beat him, he answers you, considering that it is permitted.Or perhaps in general pugnacity at the kid arose as imitation.Probably, single attempts aggressive having moved a niya meet at many children.On you depends, that on torture did not turn into regularity.

As to a moral

The child divides everything existing round it only into two categories good and bad, in his understanding of moral there are no semitones.As to a moral relyativizm which appears at children approximately since eleven years, it in understanding of the child means that each person has the right on fair and respect for and it is possible to see in each its act is moral justified and condemned.The child of younger age is subordinated to authorities and believes that moral laws are firm, have no exceptions, they cannot be changed.

Best of them, Mickey

Great simulator Your being replaced look causes in the child huge interest and desire to imitate you.Here, as in dance you conduct, the child follows you.Walt Disney who has saved up many supervision such, could create the wellknown animated characters with big and is exaggerated by round eyes, a nose, cheeks and ears.Best of them, Mickey Mouse, and until now remains the favourite of children.When your child is in a condition of quiet concentration, try to play with it in such game.Hold it on hands on the most convenient for focusing of his look distance about inches cm and then start to put out slowly language as it is possible further.

A big role the considered

A big role the considered system of encouragement of the child for successes, and not plays those successes which get to the child easily, depending on his abilities, and what are difficult and completely depend on those efforts which will be spent by the child for performance of this kind of activity.Very important, the child believes in the successes or not.The teacher should support constantly belief of the child in the forces, and than selfimage and level of claims of the child is lower, especially support from those who is engaged in education of children, parents, the teacher should be the strong.


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