The checked

The checked Children having an allergy to proteins, containing in mixes on cow milk, can transfer better these mixes, but they are more expensive.

The checked mixes which really almost are not causing an allergy Nutramigen, Pregestimil, Alimentum, very expensive, they are more expensive in times, than usual.

One more their shortcoming in some of them there is no lactose a source of carbohydrates and fillers a corn syrup and modified corn starch.

How to choose a suitable mix In the first months you can try different mixes before vybeto Rita that which will be pleasant to the child more and will be caused by less frustration.

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The adaptation

The adaptation Here it that! After all it is wanted by all mothers to benefit the child and to facilitate to itself life.

The adaptation for carrying of the child a peculiar religature the socalled scrappy holder should become for you one of irreplaceable subjects of leaving Without it you do not want to leave a fabric from the house It does not mean that you should drag the kid with yourselves all the time, but your internal installations absolutely change the Majority of people mentally see children quietly lying in cots and looking at the suspended toys.

Them take out to feed, swaddle, a few to play with them, and then again place on a former place, in habitual, according to many, habitat Carrying of the child changes all picture all concept of communication.

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It would

It would Fathers test confusion, being torn off from a family owing to labor obligations, financial pressure and a lack of experience of education of children.

Mothers know that in the absence of the father the excessive female care negatively influences character of sons.

But how can release mother the boy if there is nobody to whom it could subcontract it I would like to send the boy in army.

It would help it to be created! The boy does not respect me, the things and the mother.

It will not be accepted to work if I every minute do not push him.

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But so does

But so does They want to receive good result at once and forever.

But so does not happen.

Roditelstvo, education is a laborious longterm work where efforts are required, persistence, everyday work, movement step by step more often a step forward, two back, etc.

But, as tell ancient proverbs, the road will master going and the road to one thousand miles begins with the first step.

In education of teenagers it is possible to overcome arising difficulties, but not one day and at all month, and long work, cooperation with the child, instead of opposition for this purpose is required.

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