These spots

These spots Then wait that you should change at least made of cloth disposable diapers in day.

What if urine will appear a reddish shade In the first week it is often possible to see some orange or reddish spots which will disturb you because are similar to blood.

These spots leave , the substances containing in urine of newborns; they do not represent any danger.

First changes The deformed foot.

Foot and a foot of the newborn keep partly that situation, in kotorum they were in a womb of mother.

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And still

And still Adjust itself on feeding by a breast.

Linda, one of our patients, admitted I think, mind I understood need to nurse, but emotionally was not ready.

It realized that chest milk the best food for her child, but did not know, tiresome feeding within the first several weeks when everything that the child wants will be what is to suck.

And still Linda told If though somebody told to me that in some weeks feeding becomes less tiresome and will start to bring more pleasure.

Visit meetings of local office of League of feeding mothers or Wad Dra gy groups of support of feeding mothers.

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