If you still

If you still Plant the child to itself on knees and put the cartridge with quiet music or sing to it a lullaby, esteem or look at a children's telecast.

If you still nurse, offer the kid this powerful demulcent see discussion of the ways, helping to calm the hospitalized child, page Humidity promotes disclosure of respiratory ways of the child.

Close a bathroom door, start up a hot shower or water from the crane and sit with the child on a floor or plant it in a corner and esteem to it.

Put the kid the head to itself on knees or on a pillow.

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Martha should

Martha should Only at the age of about two weeks Steve opened eyes and became more susceptible to chest feeding.

Before Martha of that only did not think out, that it took a breast.

It was very difficult time for us as we were afraid that chest feeding will never be adjusted properly.

Martha should show each time an initiative at the beginning of feeding.

All our other children were exacting eaters.

But if we waited, while Steve will start to ask food, it in general would not add in weight.

It never would like to eat.

Within the next two weeks Martha pumped out milk several times a day and by means of a syringe and a finger fed to Stephen about ml prior to the beginning of feeding for training.

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Move dangerous

Move dangerous Replacement on a game course.

Having noticed that hands of the child reach for a lamp cord, you is instant, almost are reflex ready to say is not present!, but if you rather skilled parent, you, operating with an advancin manage to switch attention of the child to something safer Mary, look that here in a box.

Mary turns around to a box in which it is waited by any surprise, and thus the lamp is rescued.

Move dangerous subjects higher.

Instead of it is constant you make look fat a role of the security guard and to repeat infinitely warning no, it is better to rearrange simply all fighting subjects higher and to leave them there for years.

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