Rocking. Having

Rocking. Having Carrying of children promotes their calm Dances and other Dancing embracing the child, you are with it in close contact and make those rhythmical movements which are pleasant to it.

The majority of parents soon think out own dance, pozvolyayushchiya to them to master the uneasy kid.

Some carriedout ideas and methods see in sections Gripes recover dance and Carrying at gripes.

And now about other ways, allowing to calm the child.


Having returned from work, you would like to have a rest, as always, hour or so at the table, to communicate.

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This burden

This burden And besides heavy burden.

This burden start up mother bears.

Wanted itself, whims, a baby talk are unpleasant to it.

And at the mozhnost first a cart this type of the father turns into the coming father.

And it is necessary to the child always, constantly.

The kind good fellow, Regular guy.

At first sight it seems that the child with the father was lucky.

This father not simply is a father, and it at once to it both as the brother, and as the friend.

With it it is always interestin easy, very cheerful.

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The Atsaptirovanny

The AtsaptirovannyThe Atsaptirovanny r substitute of Nenni milk made on the basis of goat milk, it is recommended to use in the following cases for a food of healthy children in case of impossibility, a mezhelatelnost or insufficiency of r of feeding; for feeding of premature children; at intolerance and or allergies to proteins of cow milk or a soya; EN CYCLE OPEA IYa PI TANI I am REB ENKA for prevention of various food allergy, diathesis, eczema; for prevention of zhelezodefitsitny anemia; at digestion violations dysbacteriosis, intestinal colic, a srygivaniye syndrome, diarrhea; for prevention and treatment of the asthmatic phenomena.

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If child

If child Do not turn a compliment into a moral, it you add a negative shade in initially positive thought.

If child not leader.

Parents should not try to realize the unfulfilled dreams in the child, to project on the child own expectations.

The child should go the own way and choose it independently.

Each person in the childhood chooses that for it it is more important.

Parents should trust in the child, develop in it those qualities which are put in it by nature, to help it to be improved, learn new, to help it to develop moral values, to support and encourage during the difficult moment.

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Residue to fill

Residue to fillKISSEL ON DOGROSE BROTHBroth of a dogrose to finish to boilin to add sugar, lemon acid, to pour in, continuously stirring slowly, the starch dissolved with cold boiled water, again to finish to boiling and to remove from fire.

Dogrose broth ml, water ml, sugar starch potato g.

KISSEL APPLEApples to douse boiled water, to rub on a small grater, to wring out juice.

Residue to fill in with hot water and to boil minutes.

Then broth to filter, a part it to cool and in it to dissolve starch.

In other broth to put sugar, to boil, pour in, stirring slowly, the dissolved starch to finish to boiling.

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