Triplets Tracey needed to learn to be operated a situation, accurately speaking to them not to escape and specifying time when they should come back.

During the first walks it used oversleeves leads to let to triplets know that if they will not keep about it, they will go on a lead.

Triplets quickly learned to come back, when them about volume asked, and Tracey felt more quietly and could supervise a situation.

As soon as it began a thicket to go with children on the street, her confidence of the forces grew, and children began to receive more physical activity.

Tracey's possibilities also increased, as they could do more things together, as a family.

Rule if doubt, go with them to walk.

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Let's try to imagine, as the adjusting

Let's try to imagine, as the adjusting Having decided to carry the kid in hold hardly on itself, parents, making use of experience of a prenatal vynashivaniye, as though create artificial system which directs its further development to the necessary course and helps to eliminate the arisen deviations.

Let's try to imagine, as the adjusting system works.

For example, the rhythm of walking of mother, embodied in mine at the child at prenatal life, a rhythm to which he so got used in months, appears again now when it is in this peculiar to an external womb that affects the kid soothingly.

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If it does

If it does And the child peacefully, without excitements passes this dangerous moment and comes back to a deep sleep.

If he also wakes up, sometimes can independently fall asleep, when you nearby.

If it does not occur, familiar procedure for example, within several minutes will return feeding the child in a deep sleep, without having given troubles to the one who else sleeps with you.

Mothers too sleep better.

Mothers who divide a dream with the kid, ut that feel next day had more a rest, though they and should wake up sometimes to calm the child.

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Lemon piece, water

Lemon piece, water Having removed from fire, to pour in lemon juice, to filter, pour in formochka, to cool.

Lemon piece, water ml, sugar gelatin g.


ZAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILDJELLY LEMON ON KSILITALemon dried peel to boil, add , the soaked gelatin to finish to boiling.

Then liquid to filter, pour in lemon juice, to pour in formochka and to cool.

Lemon pieces, water ml, gelatin g.

JELLY THE DAIRYMilk to boil, add sugar, vanillin and previously the presoaked gelatin, to finish to boiling.

To pour in formochka, to cool.

Milk sugar gelatin g.

JELLY FRUIT BERRYr berries to crush, wring out juice.

A residue to fill in with water, to boil, filter, add sugar and the soaked gelatin, stirring slowly, to finish to boiling.

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By means of this

By means of this But at the same time with essential changes to the best on a scene there were two villains who have rejected a rodorazresheniye back in the operational.

In the early seventies there was an electronic equipment for control vnuta riutrobny condition.

By means of this equipment it is supposed to watch, whether there is no threat for life of the child, and to prevent it.

But use of this equipment created that problem for which decision it intended though in some cases it benefited and saved not one life.

That the equipment could issue more exact information, to women in labor suggested to lie quietly and is worse than that in situation on a back.

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