And still

And still Adjust itself on feeding by a breast.

Linda, one of our patients, admitted I think, mind I understood need to nurse, but emotionally was not ready.

It realized that chest milk the best food for her child, but did not know, tiresome feeding within the first several weeks when everything that the child wants will be what is to suck.

And still Linda told If though somebody told to me that in some weeks feeding becomes less tiresome and will start to bring more pleasure.

Visit meetings of local office of League of feeding mothers or Wad Dra gy groups of support of feeding mothers.

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Take in hands

Take in hands I regretted more than once that I have this child.

Because of the child I lost very many that pleased me in life.

My child is worse, than other children.

My child for me a burden.

You tested the child on various scales.

You new opened something for yourselves.

Reflected on it.

Please, again sit down for a minute.

Take in hands Pencil also specify once again as you after all bring up the child.

Questionnaire for parents Types of education of children Dear parent! In an offered questionnaire you children a number of various statements, opinions, even revelations about those types of education of children which we described above.

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In ensuring

In ensuring Do not hope for a fluffy teddy bear or plastic toys with which you would like to cajole the child, taking away it from a breast.

Children not the such.

When child start to separate from a cozy mother's breast, it is necessary to replace chest feeding by other forms of the feeding connected with pleasant emotions.

In ensuring comfort for the child other person starts to play a big role, ideally it is the father.

Wean gradually It is necessary to wean so that the child did not feel I will leave ty.

The sharp excommunication from a mother's breast and in general from mother can cause at once too big stress, which child cannot take out.

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If your

If your Try an enema.

If your child has a strong lock and to it helps nothin give an enema to it.

The children's enema is on sale without the recipe.

Other effective remedy in battle with a lock is liquid glitse the Baby the Varnish which carefully enter into a rectum of the child by means of a pipette.

By all means continue to try different new types of food and naturalny laxatives that the child had no dependence on candles or an other depletive.

Fortunately, as soon as the wise organism of the child will learn to select food suitable for intestines and more quickly to react to intestines signals, this unpleasant problem will depart in the past.

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Then apples

Then applesOnions a broth ml, butter a flour r.

sour cream g.

SAUCE FRUIT FROM FRESH APPLESThe cleared apples cut by segments to lower in boiling water.

to add sugar and to cook to softness.

Then apples to wipe through a sieve.

to finish mashed potatoes to boiling and to pour in in it the potato starch dissolved in cold boiled water, again to finish to boiling.

Apples water ml, sugar starch g.

SAUCE FROM DRIED FRUITDried fruit to touch, , to fill in with boiling water and to leave for swelling in the closed ware at o'clock.

Then to weld in the same water, broth to filter, fruit to wipe through a sieve, to connect to broth, to boil, pour in the potato starch dissolved in cold boiled water and to finish to boiling.

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