Gauze edges

Gauze edges Forcemeat to shift on the gauze moistened with cold water, to level a layer , cm, from above to put i on pair from eggs and milk an omelette.

Gauze edges with EAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILD so that edges of roll came one for another.

Roll to transfer on a lattice of a steam pan and to cook to readiness about r.

For roll meat bread white milk ml, eggs j piece.

For an omelette eggs piece, milk ml.

MEATBALLS MEAT IN THE DAIRY SWEPTAWAY SAUCE From kotletny weight to create meatballs in weight on slightly to fry them in butter, to shift in a superficial pan and to fill in with the dairy sweptaway sauce.

To cover a pan and to extinguish on weak fire of minutes.

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Lying on a stomach, they

Lying on a stomach, they Very active kids who adore to cave in, representing something like the bridge, will start to turn over soon.

Lying on a stomach, they can, shaking the head here and there, is unexpected even for itself to turn over on a back.

Dreamers prefer to lie and examine the surrounding.

They are less often rolled from a side sideways and consequently it is improbable that will start to turn over earlier, than in months.

The majority of children at month's age turn over from a stomach sideways and from a side sideways.

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For many

For many You can develop a positive look.

Small angels Calm downThe majority of the parents addressing in the program Small angels, there were side pases because of behavior of the children.

In their families a lot of shout crying was frequent, and the relations were tense.

Howled obviously that all family appeared zalozhntsy destructive schemes of behavior.

that obviously disturbed all members of the family.

Really, many people shout at the children.

For many of us it can be simply automatic reaction, especially if at you shouted in the childhood.

But not the best way of actions or not the best way to achieve that your children obeyed which both parties often upset and results it in nervousness that is absolutely not necessary.

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In a sitting

In a sitting Turning the head here and there, it starts to investigate world around.

New game.

Overturn the child on a back the majority of children at this age cannot independently turn over yet, holding it both hands, slowly transfer to a sitting position.

The head and a trunk will rise at the same time while the last weeks movements of the head lagged behind.

In a sitting position the head of the kid is not shaken, as before, and becomes steady.

Certainly, if not to help it and not to support the head, it will quickly be inclined, but the child can return it to controllable vertical situation again.

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These spots

These spots Then wait that you should change at least made of cloth disposable diapers in day.

What if urine will appear a reddish shade In the first week it is often possible to see some orange or reddish spots which will disturb you because are similar to blood.

These spots leave , the substances containing in urine of newborns; they do not represent any danger.

First changes The deformed foot.

Foot and a foot of the newborn keep partly that situation, in kotorum they were in a womb of mother.

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