Not children

Not children Your nipples will not suffer from frequent feeding if you feed in the correct pose and correctly will give to the child a breast.

Do not follow adviceBegin from minutes from each breast and gradually increase time sosaa niya for minute with each feedin yet will not finish it till minutes from each breast.

On it also stop.

Not children write these strict rules and not the skilled mothers many times nursing.

Often at beginning mother the feeling of stay of milk appears in minutes after the sosaniye beginning.

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Lift these

Lift these Legs are usually strongly turned in, a foot are turned inside.

As within many months of a stone were in the bent situation, will pass some more months before they will be straightened you can promote it, let's sleep the kid in the provision of a fruit with the drawnin handles and legs page cm If the baby persistently keeps this situation, dress to it romper suit with the nosochka sewed together is will not allow the child to sleep with the legs tightened under.

When it is possible not to worry.

Lift these precious a foot and rass them.

In norm the forward part of a foot should be slightly bent.

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At once as soon

At once as soon force itself is, when it would not be desirable.

Eaten with appetite gets accustomed in a stomach better.

Avoid some foodstuff and smells from which you stirs up.

I peep to taste.

Pregnancy an opportunity to indulge itself with fruit, berries, greens.

Grapefruits stop nausea at the majority of women.

You would like kislenky Taste the apples, the wellknown antonovka.

It contains acids which clear blood, release an organism from superfluous and harmful products of an exchange and by that eliminate the toxicosis phenomena.

at once as soon as will feel hunger.

If the stomach empty, it can make sick, as gastric acid does not know what to digest.

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Not to do it only

Not to do it only All the time not to worry over each step of the kid and not that to drink the child in a high water of the feelings to it.

Not to limit its freedom and the.

Not to cultivate its dependence on you and not to entangle it the kid, as a web.

Not to expose all for show excessive attachment to a benka and it not to captivate him.

Not to force the child to justify in every way it is rested ny hopes of it.

To learn to overcome quietly any vital difficulties and not to look for for the kid of special privileges.

Not to do it only by the consumer.

All the time to impart to the child skills of tolerance and the niya of other people.

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After the delivery

After the deliveryExtensions at pregnancy are visible on mammary glands, lateral surfaces of a stomach and hips more often.

After the delivery they remain, but turn pale and cease to be allocated on skin.

Extensions is first of all cosmetic defect, instead of a disease therefore for health they do not represent threat.

What reasons of emergence of extensionsMany experts argue that predisposition to extensions is handed down, therefore if at their your mother was not, probably, they will not be and at you.

Injury of skin socalled extensions as a result of increase in volume of a uterus Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONdepends, of course, on growth rates of a stomach, but mostly their emergence is defined by features of skin of the woman.

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