Here some

Here some It does not mean that you should go on the house on tiptoe when the child sleeps; on the contrary, some familiar sounds can help to fall asleep, lull to it it see.

Sounds and dream of the child, page The hidden reasons connected with a state of health The majority of children, having ached, wake up more often though some isuse revitalizing effect of a dream and better sleep during an illness.

Here some most frequent reasons of awakening of the child, if he feels unwell.


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Remember, your

Remember, yourIf your child does not play with group of contemporaries because it an idol of a family, considering that other children are not able as it is good to play, as it that you try to inspire every day to it, having artificially overestimated his selfimage, you went too far, and is uniform stvenno, than you will manage to help the child, is to return it in a circle of contemporaries.

Remember, your ban to play is comparable with a pas sword .

You them deprive the childhood childhood.

And if your kid did not finish, it will finish and in the senior , and sometimes the whole life, but will very seldom manage to become equal among equal.

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So also

So also Calm down, it is not necessary a fever.

Unless you saw somewhere the pupil of elementary or high school who would use diapers No.

Therefore, and your child will learn them to use independently, and you as loving parents, should help it with it, having created the positive atmosphere.

Schooling to a pot is a process which proceeds approximately so two steps forward,step back.

so also to you, and your kid it will be simpler, if you go this way without haste and fight.

It is necessary to choose a pot correctly.

It should not be similar to a toy, differently the child, sitting down on it, will forget about his direct appointment and will distract on game.

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Especially Irrespective of number of food intakes, hours of feedings should more or less constant, deviations from established time should not exceed minutes.

Reception of any highcalorie food is inadmissible.

especially sweets, between feedings though apple or other fruit will not damage.

For healthy nutrition of children the great value has observance of daily and single volume of food which should correspond strictly to age of the child, a condition of its development and health see.


Large volumes even in separate food intakes can stretch a wall a.

zheludka promote i to quantitative need for food that not always corresponds to original needs of the child for food.

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Today it tried

Today it triedOrder the reason of lie remained the unknown, do not attack the kid.

Be not irritated, do not think out ways of punishment, it not the criminal, it only navsy the child, still helpless, still inexperienced, yet not knowing how to keep in this world how to sustain, how to resist.

So all the time something about the buyushchy.

Today it tried that the lie means.

Therefore it is not necessary to become angry about it, and explain to him better that follows lie.

And why honesty is necessary.

The kid should understand, in what was not right.

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