As to a moral

As to a moral The child divides everything existing round it only into two categories good and bad, in his understanding of moral there are no semitones.

As to a moral relyativizm which appears at children approximately since eleven years, it in understanding of the child means that each person has the right on fair and respect for and it is possible to see in each its act is moral justified and condemned.

The child of younger age is subordinated to authorities and believes that moral laws are firm, have no exceptions, they cannot be changed.

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Best of them, Mickey

Best of them, Mickey Great simulator Your being replaced look causes in the child huge interest and desire to imitate you.

Here, as in dance you conduct, the child follows you.

Walt Disney who has saved up many supervision such, could create the wellknown animated characters with big and is exaggerated by round eyes, a nose, cheeks and ears.

Best of them, Mickey Mouse, and until now remains the favourite of children.

When your child is in a condition of quiet concentration, try to play with it in such game.

Hold it on hands on the most convenient for focusing of his look distance about inches cm and then start to put out slowly language as it is possible further.

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A big role the considered

A big role the considered A big role the considered system of encouragement of the child for successes, and not plays those successes which get to the child easily, depending on his abilities, and what are difficult and completely depend on those efforts which will be spent by the child for performance of this kind of activity.

Very important, the child believes in the successes or not.

The teacher should support constantly belief of the child in the forces, and than selfimage and level of claims of the child is lower, especially support from those who is engaged in education of children, parents, the teacher should be the strong.

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