It is given

It is givenDigest life of the child and take a detached view of it, his eyes and from his positions.

Understand the child.

It is given all with big rub the house.

After all even requests of the kid, reminding wipe the childhood, a peculiar recognition is defective the child.

Any request opens to us target and Achilles' heel of an instant.

Once again calm down and relax.

You not the judge, not is subject to you a sentence.

Not repent zealously so process of management by the child and do not enter with it fruitless debate.

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And nevertheless

And neverthelessImagine a chicken who was not hatching yet from egg.

As it is safe to it there.

And nevertheless though but, but it destroys a shell to get out outside.

Otherwise he simply would choke under it.

Our guardianship for the child the same shell.

To it it is warm, it is cozy and safe to it to be under it.

During any instant it is necessary for it.

But our kid grows, changing from within, and term when he understands that a shell to growth suddenly comes.

Let growth painful.

and nevertheless the child not so instinctively, and meaningly breaks shell to test vicissitudes of life, to learn unknown, to experience the novel.

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Milk proteins

Milk proteins KA to Supporters of nonconventional concepts of a food carry, milk to a product which should be used only for a food of children of early age, just as it becomes when feeding cubs of animals.

However, in our opinion, cow milk can be used in a food of adults, and in particular feeding mothers.

As contraindication for use of milk its intolerance can serve only.

Milk proteins on equation of amino acids and comprehensibility belong to most biologically valuable.

Milk should be drunk separately from other food and small drinks, far away detaining in a mouth as milk, getting to a stomach, under the influence of sour contents it is curtailed and , enveloping particles of other food and isolating it from gastric juice.

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Bad habits

Bad habitsThe child learns to skate, masters skis and if was not able still, and swimming.

Perfectly knowing the hands, right and left, he is not able to distinguish them at others that sometimes disturbs it accurately you make look fat sports tasks.

By six years the kid already practically masters pain a shinstvo of skills necessary for it and improves them directly in the face of.

It is accurate, carefully watches for to them a look, a hairdress, footwear, clothes.

Serves itself and helps at home on an economy.

Usually at this age initial results of education are already visible.

Bad habits of good children.

It is fine, if they positive.

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Or perhaps

Or perhapsRemember, education is not a battlefield.

And, having become give rise tel, first of all it is necessary for you to know that in early its Majesty the Child!.

age one of the main ways of knowledge of the world aching imitation, the child also imitates adults.

You beat him, he answers you, considering that it is permitted.

Or perhaps in general pugnacity at the kid arose as imitation.

Probably, single attempts aggressive having moved a niya meet at many children.

On you depends, that on torture did not turn into regularity.

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