N diet. ! depending

N diet. ! depending Svezheprigotovlenny cottage cheese wipe or give in the form of the steam baked pudding.

from compote wipe, apples bake, not sour berry and fruit juice plants half with warm boiled water.

As drinks it is possible to offer kissels, dogrose broth, tea with milk, and as a dessert mousses, jam, jams from sweet fruit, a few mature berries strawberry, wild strawberry, raspberry.

Butter add in ready dishes; to them submit dairy and fruit sauces.

N diet.

! depending on health of the child apply from several weeks to several months.

When the condition of the sick child will start to improve, the abdominal murmur will decrease, the chair is normalized, it is possible to pass to N diet.

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And even your

And even your He is a boy, and the girl is necessary to the father.

And even your violent feedings the reason of this pathological habit, especially when parents are at war with the kid, both push, and pour in in it that is necessary and it is not necessary, only causing disgust for food.

Its Majesty Child!.

Remember, when the child does not test pleasure from food, one of the most sensitive zones of an organism is switched off.

And this zone mucous lips and a mouth though it is reflex, but is connected with other sensitive zone genitalny.

And if the zone of a mouth is silent, the zone of genitals a cart , and it disturbs the kid.

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Before giving

Before givingPotatoes milk ml, eggs pieces, sauce swept away butter crackers sour cream g.

BAKED PUDDING CARROT WITH COTTAGE CHEESEThe cleared carrots to chop straws, with oil, to pour the sifted semolina and to cook to readiness, then to cool, add the crude eg the wiped cottage cheese and sugar.

A mix to mix, m on a frying pan oiled, to level a surface, to grease with sour cream, oil and to bake in an oven.

Before giving on a table to water with the kindled butter.

Carrots cottage cheese eggs j piece, grain semolina butter sour cream sugar g.

BAKED PUDDING PUMPKINThe sliced cleared pumpkin to extinguish in milk to semireadiness, then m, stirring slowly, semolina and to cook on weak fire of minutes.

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Various doubts

Various doubts Some young women, having become pregnant, miss leaving carefree life.

Various doubts can torment them whether I will be interesting to the friends in new quality, whether my figure will deteriorate, whether really the husband rejoices to future child, whether I can work, as before after the kid will grow up.

The organism reacts to similar experiences by alarm reaction.

At physiological level alarm as well as fear, the accelerated palpitation, an elevated pressure, a potootdeleniye, spasms in a stomach accompany.

All these manifestations speak about readiness of an organism to resist to approaching danger.

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The touched

The touchedSubmitting on a table, to fill soup with butter.

Cabbage potatoes carrots onions and a parsley root on tomatoes fresh a broth meat ml, butter g.

SOUP OAT PEARLBARLEY, RICE WITH VEGETABLES ON THE MEAT BROTH THE WIPEDIts r as well as soup from oat flakes Oatflakes with the wiped vegetables on a meat broth.

The touched and prompy grain to cook in a small amount of water to softness then to wipe through a sieve.

The wiped vegetables to connect to grain and a broth, some minutes to boil, salt and fill with oil.

SOUP PEARLBARLEY OAT, RICE, YACHNEVY ON MEAT It prepare the same as the soup described above from oat flakes Oatflakes on a meat broth.

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