Put the kid on a big beach

Put the kid on a big beach The length of strings should not exceed inches cm.

Make safe klubothe check, having connected on the center about dozeninch strings.

New pose.

Plant the kid closely to a sofa back.

In such polozhescientific research institute it can spend minutes, looking back around and enjoying a new pose and a new point of the review.

Ball games.

Put the kid on a big beach ball and slowly a feather it.

It will help to develop sense of equilibrium at the child.


It is old, but favourite game.

Serially hide the person from the kid and again open, sentencing Where mother Here it I! Pulldrag.

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Alev and Somsr. quickly

Alev and Somsr. quickly that sat on the high stool and silently ateHaving seen the behavioural cartridge , Aila's parents.

Alev and Somsr.

quickly understood that responsibility for Aila's behavior lay on them, a hook as they provided it complete control over food process.

They supported Aila's refusals of food, offering it various alternatives and paying it all the attention that she does not eat, ignoring the child who eats.

For again to be hit control in the hands, Alev and Somer resorted to the following tactics; They gave to Ailya food and ignored it.

if it suited a hysterics or it appeared is.

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To think

To think Then to what all this sensation concerning stay of children in a bed of parentsAnthropologists confirm that there to them the place.

With it many authors of books on medicine and psychology are not agree, kotothe ry reject the representations arisen together with appearance of the person and checked by time, and in it their serious mistake.

To think that this most ancient tradition can be unnatural, ridiculously.

Actually the general dream is in one sheaf with feeding by a breast.

In and feeding by a breast considered wrong.

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It is more

It is more Side it is impossible it is possible.

Give to the kid enough open space that he felt, where edge for which it is impossible to come.

It is more than that, give it chance to glance for this edge.

If you hold the child on too a short lead, he never learns fully the possibilities and will not test that such failure.

Instead of, for example, forbidding the kid to clamber up, it is better to create to it such conditions that these exercises were safe.

The surrounding situation should consider presence of the child.

Your function of distsiplinator is similar to work of patrol which a jota for an instant should advance quick small hands.

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That is why all so are afraid

That is why all so are afraid It is important to teenager to know that it is necessary such what it is.

It is less than ban! Freedom is responsibility.

That is why all so are afraid of it.


Shaw The more often the child hears it is impossible, no, do not touch, the quicker he learns to ignore your ban, that a high probability that he soon will begin to revolt against the established rules.

Reconsider rules and allocate from them what should be observed strictly.

That precisely cannot be done It is impossible to fight, be spat, be burned, to swear, ignore your instructions.

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