Mother earns

Mother earns And told!.

And in some years its evil eyes at the story were shone with indignation.

I expelled her, she told, and told to this woman Katya you are not able with the child do not go here.

And two years it did not go to me.

Further it is more.

Mother earns very little, sit almost on one potato.

And so, she asked the son to help every day it when she peels potatoes that to esteem it.

Then, she explained to the son, handles hurt less.

The son willingly agreed.

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During the whole

During the whole in cardboard packs on g.

From import substitutes of chest milk for children of the first months of life it is possible to recommend Frisolak of German firm Frieslandnutrition , Enfamil American firm Mead Johnson, , Gallium , Hipp , Nutrilon of firm Nutricia.

During the whole first year it is possible to use such mixes, as Semilak with iron; Nutrilon ; NAN, NAN sourmilk, Nestozhen, Piltti of firm Nestle; Enfalak, Enfamil ; Frisomel and German firm Friesland nutrition; the Check and about Chymos, Finland; Hipp , Hipp PRE Austria, SMA, May Eldorin's fight, Tutteli and others.

The short characteristic of some mixes, and in appendix tables and average structure of a number of domestic and import dairy mixes below is presented.

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Small hillocks

Small hillocks Also mass nipples after feeding to improve circulation.

At massage it is best of all to use colostrum or chest milk.

Small hillocks on a surface of an okolososkovy circle pieces of iron which allocate the disinfecting and softening fat protecting nipples and clearing them.

Therefore avoid to wash nipples with soap as it deletes this natural greasin dries up skin and leads to its cracking.

First aid for nipples.

At women with dry skin of a dummy can tres and at the correct sosaniye.

Do not use oils or ointments which need to be washed away before feeding even if in hospital to you them offer.

Try , pure, not containing the pesticides, lanolin not causing an allergy if chest milk when massaging does not help against the formed cracks.

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And not to tire

And not to tireYou let out the genie from a bottle.

And not to tire out it back.

Now try show the child to the doctor when he fell ill, try to give to it though one injection, try to invite the militiaman on a visit.

And to an explanation give rise pour that the doctor kind, and the uncle militiaman the acquaintance, any more does not help.

In years an effective push of development of all scale of fears the child, as a rule, has a receipt its its Majesty the Child!.

for the first time in kindergarten.

Therefore to prepare for a garden bypass beforehand.

The kid grows, the palette of fears changes.

All luggage of the endured is used.

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Besides these

Besides these Usually kids with a high intelligence say lies less often, is thinner and it is cleverer than the contemporaries.

There are data that aggressive, uncontrollable children in , times lie more often, than the others.

Besides these children into group of risk should enter and children with heavy social adaptation, and children, I live shchy in incomplete or dysfunctional families.

As though the kid honest looked you in the face when he lies, language of its telodvizheniye involuntarily betrays it, a cart affecting your intuition.

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