Gauze edges

Gauze edges Forcemeat to shift on the gauze moistened with cold water, to level a layer , cm, from above to put i on pair from eggs and milk an omelette.

Gauze edges with EAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILD so that edges of roll came one for another.

Roll to transfer on a lattice of a steam pan and to cook to readiness about r.

For roll meat bread white milk ml, eggs j piece.

For an omelette eggs piece, milk ml.

MEATBALLS MEAT IN THE DAIRY SWEPTAWAY SAUCE From kotletny weight to create meatballs in weight on slightly to fry them in butter, to shift in a superficial pan and to fill in with the dairy sweptaway sauce.

To cover a pan and to extinguish on weak fire of minutes.

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