If you are alarmed, and the child

If you are alarmed, and the child In this case any intervention is not necessary and it is potentially dangerous.

You need to calm the kid.

Everything is all right, do not worry, tell to it a steady voice, and it will support the kid.

Remember, for the child you some kind of indicator showin whether there is a reason for excitements.

If you are alarmed, and the child starts to panic.

If you glanced in a mouth to the kid, but did not see at it in a throat a foreign matter, do not try to pull out this subject blindly your efforts it can appear in a throat even more deeply.

When it is necessary to interfere Your intervention is necessary, if the child has the following symptoms, testifying that his respiratory ways are blocked the child chokes or his skin becomes blue the child in a faint and you suspect that it choked the type of the kid as if speaks I choked widely opened eyes with expression in them of the panic, an open mouth, salivation more senior children clasp a throat hands a universal sign of asthma The child swallowed any subject To drag subjects in a mouth usually business for the child and an occasion for postoyanny excitements of parents.

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