Lemon piece, water

Lemon piece, water Having removed from fire, to pour in lemon juice, to filter, pour in formochka, to cool.

Lemon piece, water ml, sugar gelatin g.


ZAOROVOGO'S FOOD OF THE CHILDJELLY LEMON ON KSILITALemon dried peel to boil, add , the soaked gelatin to finish to boiling.

Then liquid to filter, pour in lemon juice, to pour in formochka and to cool.

Lemon pieces, water ml, gelatin g.

JELLY THE DAIRYMilk to boil, add sugar, vanillin and previously the presoaked gelatin, to finish to boiling.

To pour in formochka, to cool.

Milk sugar gelatin g.

JELLY FRUIT BERRYr berries to crush, wring out juice.

A residue to fill in with water, to boil, filter, add sugar and the soaked gelatin, stirring slowly, to finish to boiling.

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